General Description : Celery is a vegetable that is eaten raw or mixed with cooking, and is generally considered a major component of salads. Celery is a different type from parsley, which is similar in shape and is used as a substitute for it in salads and cooking, such as fatten. It is a two-year herb and grows to a length of (1 m). And the growth time of its flowers: early to mid-summer.


General Description :Oregano is a perennial plant that reaches more than 2 feet tall and bears small leaves that add a strong aroma and flavor to a variety of delicious foods.


General Description : Moringa tree grows in arid and hot lands, where it tolerates drought and is characterized by rapid growth, and it is considered one of the fastest growing trees, reaching a height of more than two meters in less than two months and more than three meters in less than ten months of planting seeds and its height may reach between 9 and 12 meters in three years. it is used in culinary ,Medicinal and Food.

Lemon Grass

General Description : Lemongrass is a special type of herb that features long green leaves ending in a white pulp. The taste of this herb is similar to the refreshing taste of fresh lemon fruits , and the strength of the flavor increases as we approach the white pulp, so it is common to find lemongrass one of the ingredients used extensively in the manufacture of various types of teas, oils, sauces and many food products.

Basil Leaves.

General Description : Basil Is A Sensitive One-Year Plant. It Can Grow Till Approximately 45 Cm High And 30 Cm Broad. The Stems Are Hairy, Square, And Light Green To Red On The Basis. The Leaves Are Large, Oval, Pointy And Bright Green, With A Warm And Also Fresh And Strong Smell. Basil Is An Important Herb For Culinary Use.


General Description : Is A Biennial Herb Up To 80 Cm Long, Hairless, With Thin Stems And Triangular Outline Leaves Two To Three Times Pinnate, The Upper Leaves Have Entire Leaflets And The Basal Ones Serrated Or Toothed. The Flowers Grouped In Umbels Of 8-20 Radios Are Yellowish Green. The Fruits Are Subglobose Or Ovoid, Aromatic, With Five Ribs Equal.


General Description : Perennial From Creeping Rhizomes.30-100cm Tall. Hairless Or Almost So, Sometimes Glandular.

Dill Weed

General Description : Dill Grows Up To 40–60 Cm (16–24 In), With Slender Hollow Stems And Alternate, Finely Divided, Softly Delicate Leaves 10–20 Cm (3.9–7.9 In) Long. The Ultimate Leaf Divisions Are 1–2 Mm (0.039–0.079 In) Broad, Slightly Broader Than The Similar Leaves Of Fennel, Which Are Threadlike, Less Than 1 Mm (0.039 In) Broad, But Harder In Texture. The Flowers Are White To Yellow, In Small Umbels 2–9 Cm (0.79–3.54 In) Diameter. The Seeds Are 4–5 Mm (0.16–0.20 In) Long And 1 Mm (0.039 In) Thick, And Straight To Slightly Curved With A Longitudinally Ridged Surface.


General Description :A perennial tree plant of flavored sugars, extracted from the roots of a licorice plant. Produces a wide variety of licorice sweets.


General Description : A Conical, Medium Walled Chili About 2 To 3 Inches Long And 1 Inch In Diamete.


General Description : Is A Variable Shrub With White To Purple Flowers .Some Plants Have Variegated Leaves And Grow To About 25 Cm In Height.

Rubbed Marjoram

General Description : Dried Leaves Of Marjoram (Sun/Shadow) Dried, Rubbed Leaves And Blossom Of Marjoram (Major Hortensia)


General Description : Is A Shrubby ,Evergreen Perennial Shrub With Pale Green Leaves, Flowers Are Borne In Summer.

Coriander Seeds .

General Description : Coriander Is A Soft Plant Growing To 50 Cm (20 In) Tall. The Leaves Are Variable In Shape, Broadly Lobed At The Base Of The Plant, And Slender And Feathery Higher On The Flowering Stems. The Flowers Are Borne In Small Umbels, White Or Very Pale Pink, Asymmetrical, With The Petals Pointing Away From The Center Of The Umbel Longer (5–6 Mm Or 0.20–0.24 In) Than Those Pointing Toward It (Only 1–3 Mm Or 0.039–0.118 In Long). The Fruit Is A Globular, Dry Schizocarp 3–5 Mm (0.12–0.20 In) In Diameter.

Anise Seeds .

General Description : These Small, Brown Seeds Are About 3-4mm In Length. Has A Characteristic Licorice-Like Flavor.

Fennel Seeds

General Description : Dried Seeds Of Fennel Has A Flavor Similar To Anise And Star Anise

Egyptian Fenugreek .

General Description : The Seeds Are Boiled And Then Sweetened As A Popular Winter Tea. Fenugreek Seeds Are Not To Be Confused With Fenugreek Leaves.

Cumin Seeds

General Description :Annual herbaceous plant of limited growth and it is grown that Upper Egypt is its original home, the height of the plant reaches 30-40 cm and the leaves are compound thin, dark green in color and the plant bears small white-purple flowers in tent inflorescences and the fruits are oval and oblong, each of which quickly split when dried Into two curved fruits. The color of the fruit is olive green, its length ranges from 0.4 - 0.7 cm and its diameter is 2-3 mm. It smells aromatic and has a slightly bitter taste. Its original homeland is Upper Egypt ( Minya ). Color: Its color is dark green and the plant bears small white-purple flowers, and the color of the fruit is olive green.

Caraway Seeds .

General Description : Small Slightly Curved Fruit Of Caraway

Black Cumin Seeds .

General Description : The Leaves Are Grayish-Green In Color, And The Flower Has A Pale Grayish Blue Or Grayish White Color. The Leaves Are Delicate And Threadlike And The Petals (Five Petals) Are About 2.5 Cm Wide (1 Inch). The Flower Grows About 16-24 Inches In Height.

Chamomile Flowers .

General Description : Uncut Flowers With Calyx, Circled With Tongue-Shaped Flowers With Tongues And Centralized Yellow Tube Flowers

Calendula Flower / Marigold .

General Description : Also Known As Pot Marigolds. Product Consists Of Whole And Broken Flowers

Hibiscus Flowers.

General Description :The shrub has beautiful red flowers, beautiful planting, for decoration or for production and part of it, of which are sepals (leaves) that surround the flower and after drying it dark red or light red